Dimsum overload @ Dumpling King, Carter Road

Dimsum Overload @ Dumpling King, Carter Road

The Dimsum bucket at Dumpling King was gorged on during the weekend.

So so satisfying given the sheer size of it. Don't you guys hate it when places charge you a bomb and give you like 4 pieces? Always leaves me feeling unsatisfied.But 40 Dim sums left me grinning ear to ear.

Were they the best ever probably not. Total paisa vasool? Hell yes. Definitely someplace to come with friends when you gotta have more than one dim sum.

The wrappers were a bit thick however the flavors held up. We sampled all the vegetarian dim sums available. The Mixed Veg was my personal favorite with the Mushroom filling a close second. Special mention to the Kimchi dip which was flavorful and super awesome.

At 480 Rupees for the entire bucket it turns out to be great value for money.


Well its located on Carters right next to all the other eating joints.

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